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PMP – Project Management may be difficult. With our accredited project management professionals* we can help with managing difficult projects or project recovery. Understanding the triple constraints and PMBOK guide and standards implementation helps  ensure success.

* Project Management Professional (PMP) accredited by the Project Management Institute.

Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping

Knowledge Area

Project Management Process Group

Initiating Process group

Planning Process group

Execution process group

Monitoring and controlling process group

Closing Process group

4. Project Integration Management

4.1 Develop Project charter

4.2 Develop Project Plan

4.3 Direct And manage Project Execution

4.4 Monitor and Control project work

4.5 perform integrated Change Control

4.6 Close Project or phase

5.Project Scope Management

5.1 Collect Requirement

5.2 Define scope

5.3 Create WBS

5.4 verify scope

5.5 Control scope

6. Project Time Management

6.1 Define activities

6.2 Sequence activity

6.3 Estimate Activity  Resource

6.4  Estimate activity duration

6.5 Develop schedule

6.6 Control schedule

7.Project cost Management

7.1 Estimate Costs

7.2 Determine Budget

7.3 Control Costs

8. Project Quality Management

8.1 Plan quality

8.2 Perform quality Assurance

8.3 Perform Quality control

9. Project Human Resource Management

9.1 Develop human resource Plan

9.2 Acquire Project Team

9.3 Develop Project team

9.4 Manage Project team

10. Project Communication Management

10.1 Identify Stakeholder

10.2 Plan Communication

10.3 Distribute Information

10.4 Manage Stakeholder expectations

10.5 Report Performance

11. Project Risk Management

11.1 Plan risk Management

11.2 Identify risks

11.3 Perform qualitative risk analysis

11.4 Perform quantities risk  analysis

11.5 Plan risk response

11.6 Monitor and control risks

12. Project Procurement Management

12.1 PlanProcurments

12.2 Conduct procurement

12.3 Administer Procurement

12.4  Close Procurement